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Burlesque Portfolio

Sex Drums

Boasting head-to-toe blue with orange accents representing the beautiful ocean waves and California sun, Sugar Vixen performs this act to “Surfing Drums” by surf rock guitar legend, Dick Dale. This is an extremely high energy piece infused with the spirit of rock and roll. Vixen boasts a powerful shake and shimmy, bump and grind, and an epic assel-twirling finale.

Watch a video of the act, HERE.


Red: the colour of fiery passion, burning love, lust, and fire! This is a classic and 1970s style-infused burlesque number, performed to “Light My Fire,” by Shirley Bassey. A slow and sensual build up leads to Sugar pouring hot candle wax on her body, followed by extended tassel twirling.


Watch a video of the act, HERE.

Sailor Vixen

An exceptionally suave sailor entices the crowd with her slow and sensual moves. She then reveals that her lustrous demeanour is merely a facade to mask her innate bloodlust. Performed to "Mack the Knife" by Bobby Darin, this number features a 1950s pinup and classic burlesque feel and includes stylistic elements of swing. 


Watch a video of the act, HERE.

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Galavanting through the streets of Paris, a charming lady engages with the passersby. Stumbling upon the boulevard that holds the memories of her long lost lover, the mood shifts and suddenly she launches into a cathartic dance filled with love and rage. This act is performed to “La Foule” by Edith Piaf and “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Tony Bennett. Stylistic elements are drawn from tango and flamenco-style dancing. 

Rebel Rebel

A glam rock groupie from the 1970s attempts to hitch a ride on a desert highway after an exhausting weekend of partying and concerts. In her space cowgirl à la Ziggy Stardust garb, she is one hot mess. Tired and frustrated, she discovers the proposition of stripping in order to entice a truck driver into giving her a lift. When that fails, she resorts to boasting her trophies— the used underwear of rockstars. 

White Rabbit

Keeping tradition with the psychedelic nature of Alice in Wonderland, this act depicts the untold story of the White Rabbit, who ingests a human potion and subsequently discovers their sexy female form. Performed to a combination of “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane and “Zig-Zag Wanderer” by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, this act denotes the spirit of rock and roll. 

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