This cosmic dancer found her destiny at the Moulin Rouge at the tender age of 12, surrounded by boobies and bubbly. Sugar Vixen is a trained dancer, a music aficionado, feminist activist and fierce rock and roll queen. She is an award-winning and international burlesque performer, teacher and producer that has dazzled stages across North America, South America and Europe. Meet the cosmic rockstar goddess of burlesque!


2019 "Queen of the Lake" at the Lake Como Burlesque Festival 


2019 1st Runner-Up in "La Madama" Competition at the Amazing Flamingo Cabaret Burlesque Festival Torino


2018 Best of Cult MTL - Best Burlesque Performer - ranked #2

2017 Best of Cult MTL - Best Burlesque Performer - ranked #4


A regal 1970s temptress unleashes her fiery rock and roll spirit! Sugar Vixen glides across the stage in flowing red robes before transforming into a fringe-clad amazon. She high kicks glorious gold sequin boots that possess magic powers. Performed to “Light My Fire” by Shirley Bassey, this is Sugar Vixen’s signature act.



Sex Drums

A classic 1960s surf rock-infused burlesque act! Sparkling blue and orange represent the beautiful ocean waves and California sun. Sugar Vixen performs this act to “Surfing Drums” by surf rock guitar legend Dick Dale. This is an extremely high energy piece infused with a powerful shake and shimmy, bump and grind and an epic assel-twirling finale.



A dark witch releases herself from a codependent relationship with a snake. Inspiration is drawn from Lilith, classic heavy metal and exotic dance. Performed to “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath, this act features a slow build with an intense, dramatic and erotic ending.



An exceptionally suave sailor with the heart of a clown reveals her innate bloodlust. Performed to "Mack the Knife" by Bobby Darin, this number features a 1950s pinup and classic burlesque feel that includes stylistic elements of swing.


Mary Magdalene

Described as a repentant prostitute in the Bible, Mary Magdalene reclaims the word ‘whore’ in true punk rock feminist fashion. Performed to “Gloria” by Patti Smith, this neo-burlesque act brings the house down with a hot candle wax pour finale.